React30 official website is now live🥳

Saurabh Mhatre
2 min readJan 24, 2024
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Today I published official website for React30 series. The idea of React30 started way back in 2021 when I had taken a challenge of building 15 React.js projects in 30 days and finished it on time.
In Nov 2023, I thought of creating a similar structured learning path for students to learn React in 30 days by building practical projects.
I refactored the initial 15 projects and wrote articles explaining the process of building them.
Continued the series to cover more concepts and topics so that students can learn core React fundamentals in a easy to understand, structured manner.
I took article writing approach instead of videos because it’s much faster to learn from written content and easier to understand code in this way. Two months down the line we have 30 proper projects which cover
- All major React hooks and their usage
- State management using Redux Toolkit
- Backend API development and using it Frontend
- Full stack apps with user authentication
- Developer portfolio to showcase projects in interviews
- Styling apps with Tailwind, Bootstrap, Material UI and styled components
- Writing test cases and mocking API calls with react-testing library
- Setting up react project from scratch using Webpack
- External library integrations like API calls using react-query, Markdown editor using react-markdown and Image Recognition using Tensorflowjs

I have distilled my entire 8 years of Frontend experience while building this course which is completely free.
So take up this challenge of building 30 React projects with me and become a expert in frontend development. If you have already learnt few concepts then you can pick selective lessons from the series as well.

Official website link: React30
Have a nice day ahead 😁